The Creativity Project: Q1 Wrap Up and Q2 Goals

Dawn Dalton
2 min readApr 25, 2024


Resetting my quarterly goals

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Oof, I am super late getting this post out. Quarter two is almost a month over and I’m just now getting around to writing this. Part of that is the fact that I got a new job and needed to adjust my schedule. The other part is just a focus issue.

Looking back at quarter one, I am fairly pleased with how it turned out. So let’s go over quarter one and talk about quarter two.

Quarter One Wrap Up

  1. Write 13 blog or medium posts. Complete. Barely. I got sick in mid-February and missed a lot of posts, but managed to make up some ground in March.
  2. Read 13 books. Complete
  3. Type up Press Start. Complete.
  4. Draft Roll of the Dice. Complete.
  5. Complete 1 30 day challenge. Incomplete.
  6. Fill 3 notebooks. Complete. I even managed a fourth notebook filled.
  7. Brainstorm and plot book 4. Complete. Mostly. I need to go back and replot and fine tune what I want out of it.
  8. Go on 1 adventure from 101 Things. Incomplete.
  9. Read 1 craft or self help book. Complete!
  10. Publish Game On. Complete. Barely. I hit publish at the end of March.
  11. 13 YouTube videos and 13 YT Shorts. Incomplete. See goal 1 on being sick.
  12. Write 182 pages. Complete.
  13. Type up 91K words. Complete.

Out of my thirteen goals, I successfully completed ten of them, with some of them going above and beyond. All things considered, I’m feeling very proud of the progress I made this quarter.

I reset my kanban board and prepped my goals for quarter two. This is something I neglected in quarter one because I had leftover goals and just wanted to get them cleared up.

Now with quarter two, I started a new job and gave myself some monstrous goals above what I would normally give myself. I’m already behind for the quarter, but now that I’ve gotten used to my new schedule, things should start moving in the right direction.

Quarter Two Goals

  1. Write 13 blog or medium posts.
  2. Read 13 books.
  3. Type up Roll of the Dice.
  4. Draft Starshot and Howler.
  5. Edit Press Start
  6. Plot Picking up the Pieces
  7. Draft Love in the Shadows
  8. Plot Callsigns book 2
  9. Complete 1 30 day challenge.
  10. Finish 1 thing from 101 Things
  11. Read 1 craft or self-help book
  12. Fill three notebooks
  13. 13 YouTube videos and 13 YT Shorts.
  14. Type up 91K words
  15. Write 182 pages

As you can see, I added working on two extra books this quarter (one in drafting and one in plotting) and that’s because I’m a genius. Or because I’m really excited about this new series and want to keep momentum going on both series that I’m working on.

How are your goals coming along? Let me know in the comments!



Dawn Dalton

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