The Beginning of the Year

Last year’s goals and setting this year’s.

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I didn’t do so hot on completing my goals last year. I know, shocking, right? I’m just like most people.

Of my 20 goals last year, I completed… 6.

Most of my goals were broken down into quarterly bites and I was set to finish at least four more until I unexpectedly switched jobs a month before Q3. That threw off my entire schedule and I couldn’t seem to find my footing for the rest of the year.

What did I complete? I read over 52 books (not counting the audio books I listened to on my commute), made it to the top of the rope at my gym, completed back rolls from laying on the floor, stretched daily for over three months, paid off my car, and organized a large drive on my computer.

While I didn’t complete the majority of my goals, I did make decent headway through them and have decided to include them on this year’s list of goals because they still excite me.

2022 Goals

  1. Write 52 blogs or Medium posts
  2. Read 52 books (this again doesn’t include audio books although I’m keeping track of them in my bullet journal)
  3. Finish writing 4 books (I have a lot of partial stories written and want to see them to the end)
  4. This one is a private money goal for my crafting business.
  5. Finish the Mesa Marathon in under 6 hours (doing this with my sister)
  6. Weight goal
  7. Arbitrary clothing size goal
  8. 10 pull-ups with no assistance bands (slowly working my way there)
  9. Run 6 5Ks with the majority having PRs (just need to figure out which ones I’m doing)
  10. Complete 15K Tough Mudder (formerly known as the Classic)
  11. Run 1 mile every day for a month (because maybe I’ll learn to like running? IDK)
  12. Work out 3 times a week consistently for 3 months (I fell off my regular schedule after my races last year and never got back on)
  13. Stretch every day for 3 months
  14. Be able to do the full splits
  15. Be able to do 20 full push-ups in a row
  16. Be able to do 3 consecutive laches (I can almost do 1, but not quite catch the bar)
  17. Pay off credit cards
  18. Savings goal
  19. Create a budget and stick to it for 3 months
  20. 4 30 day challenges
  21. Clean out my closet (some of my goals are super simple)
  22. Fill 12 notebooks (because I have about a billion)

How do I plan on achieving all of this? Last year, I incorporated the HB90 plan into my life and am breaking down my goals one quarter at a time. And then one month at a time. My bullet journal is set up for Q1 and ready to go.

So, stick with me and we’ll see if we can beat last year’s achievement of 6 goals!

What are your goals for the year? Let me know and we can cheer each other on!



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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton

Dawn is a freelance writer, gamer girl, aspiring author, and former manager of a game/ comic store. She can be found lurking on Twitter @theDawnDalton.