Spring Cleaning My Habits

Going through my habits to see what still fits.

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There’s something magical about a fresh start. New year. Mew month. New week. All hold so much potential.

I started breaking down my goals by quarter and then into even smaller chunks a year or so ago when I stumbled across the HB90 method by Sarra Cannon. Checking in on my goals every quarter allows me to make sure they still resonate with me and to better reflect on why I may have missed the mark.

Recently, I started spring cleaning to remove some clutter in my craft area. I have a few projects in the works and need the space to bring in new items. Which means I need to clear out things I will never finish.

It got me thinking about my habits and how it’s been awhile since I checked in on them. With April being the beginning of a new quarter, and I was about to embark on a new idea from Sarra called Six Months for Life, it seemed like the perfect time to go back and see if everything still served me.

What works, what doesn’t, and what fell to the wayside that I need to restart.

Because I don’t work a regular 9 to 5 job anymore, my morning routine kind of crumbled under the switch. Double-checking everything in the routine still shows it resonating with me, but I just fell back to being lazy about completing it due to not having time constraints on my mornings. Okay, I can work with that and have given myself a stop time for it to be completed every day. And thus far, it’s been working.

The other big thing I’ve changed is going back to meal prepping. Again, my laziness kicked my butt and I chose quick and easy over foods I know will make me feel good but take a little more effort. Part of that is the fact I eat my dinner in the car on my way to work (not ideal, I know), so everything has to be easy to eat with one hand on the steering wheel. I wasn’t eating fast food, but I wasn’t eating well and I know it contributed to my lack of energy. So I’ve added in more fruits and vegetables to my dinner pack and restarted my overnight oats for breakfast.

Already the energy is coming back and I’m getting the itch to do more exercising.

Which I managed to add back into my schedule, both on a daily basis and twice a week for focused workouts. Daily, I try for an average of ten thousand steps, crunches, inclined push-ups (because I’m not super strong), and assisted pull-ups. Most days, I complete everything (even if it means I’m on the treadmill at eleven o’clock at night to finish out those pesky steps).

I’m getting back to where I was when I trained heavily for my Spartan last year, even if it’s just baby steps. Hopefully, I can finish out this year better and healthier than last year, so long as I keep checking in with my habits.

What habit have you changed that’s made the most impact on your life?



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Dawn Dalton

Dawn Dalton

Dawn is a freelance writer, gamer girl, aspiring author, and former manager of a game/ comic store. She can be found lurking on Twitter @theDawnDalton.