Six Months For Life

Answering some hard questions to help put my life on track.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

At the beginning of the month, I started something called Six Months for Life. It’s a concept thought up by the YouTuber and author, Sarra Cannon, and something that’s right along with my current life journey.

One of the things that’s said a lot when people start a journey to get healthy or improve their lives is to find their why. And while that’s solid advice, even a strong why doesn’t always do the trick.

I fall back on bad habits because they’re easy and familiar, but I don’t always know why. I know what I want from my life, but I hold myself back.

That’s where this concept helps out. I already follow her HB90 method for setting my goals and love her thoughts on writing and planning, so I downloaded her worksheet packet to see if I could glean any useful information.

And whoa momma, the questions she asks are some doozies.

There are some standard ones like what do you most desire to work on over the next six months, but others are pretty thought provoking.

How are you holding yourself back and do you know why you do that? Those were the two that hit the hardest and made me sit back and really think about my life.

Putting down on paper that I sabotage myself because I’m afraid to put in my full effort and failing because I’m not good enough sat like a rock in my stomach. Because it’s true. It’s easier to say I can do whatever I want, but it’s much harder to actually do the thing and fail.

There were a little more than a dozen questions total as well as a love letter to yourself, but it took me a few days to finish. I think this is really one of the first times in my journey I actually got serious and honestly looked at why I do what I do to screw up my goals.

After the first month of being serious about calling myself out and taking the small steps toward what I truly want, I can say I’m more on track than I’ve been in awhile. Not everything is exactly where I’d like it to be, but small steps make the journey.

And it’s just about time to revisit my questions and thoughts to see if anything has changed and to think about the actions I can take in the next month to propel me even closer to my goals.

What are you doing to accomplish your goals? What was your biggest breakthrough in the last month?



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