Fresh Start February

Using the new month to recommit to my goals.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

January didn’t go as expected. I was super excited to commit to my goals and started off fairly well. Except my runs weren’t very good because I was rocking a giant blister on one foot, but I adjusted and kept going.

Then I got sick which always derails me. Plus, it always takes longer to get back on my feet than I think it will.

The one thing about breaking my goals down by quarter and then by month is I can always come back from a bad month. None of my goals are a “I have to do this every single day for the entire year” type goal.

And I didn’t do all that bad on my January goals. Of the nine I set out to do, I completed five of them. Which puts me one step closer to completing my yearly goals.

The word of the year is focus, so I’m using the end of each month to go over that month and see what worked, what didn’t, and why. And to adjust accordingly.

I think that’s the beauty of breaking my goals into manageable chunks. I can always adjust them to work with how my life looks for the next month.

While I’d love to just move my run every day for a month goal to February, I know I wouldn’t complete it because I’ll need a rest day after my marathon and I most likely won’t be running on travel days. But I can slot in more writing and reading time on my travel days because I’ll be sitting in airports. I just have to know where I want to put my focus at any given time.

I think the other thing I’m going to do in February is setting up my why for each goal. I work better when I have a good reason to do it. While my yearly goals are very output based, I plan on making the work I do each month more input based. Yes, I want to write four books this year, but this month I want to spend X number of hours typing.

If I don’t make my big goals, at least I’ll be closer than I was at the beginning of the year and I can look back and say I gave it my best.

All I know is February is just another fresh start for me.



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