I signed up for a what?!

I’m allergic to running. My face gets all red, I sweat profusely, and it gets hard to breath. So why am I training for a marathon when all I’ve done to date are obstacle races and 5Ks?

Oh right, I’m an idiot.

I might’ve made an agreement that if my sister (who’s a runner) did one of my races, I’d do one of hers.

I was drunk at the time, in my defense. And I thought she’d go “easy” on me and we’d only do a half-marathon.

I was wrong.

I’m not sure if…

Realizing the gaps in my training.

I’ve been training in my martial art for over a decade. That’s both a truth and a lie.

I’ve taken a lot of breaks over the years. A Lot.

Most of those are when I had to move from one teacher to another. Most of those moves were because my teach stopped teaching due to injury, family issues, etc.

I’ve had a lot of teachers over the years. And I learned something different from each of them. Not always what I came to my art to do, but still something I could use.


Three events in two months to test my endurance.

I’ve taken some time to reflect after my last event (Spartan) on what I learned and what I need to work on. I will have to admit, doing three endurance events in under three months might’ve been a bit too much.

Tough Mudder

This event kicked off a busy two months (not just with races and endurance events, but with life in general).

I pushed myself hard going into Tough Mudder and it showed. I hit the start line confident and ready to go. …

Hitting the start line without hitting my goals.

I have a confession: I mostly stopped training the month leading up to my Spartan race.

After agonizing over this race for months, I let the stress and burnout get to me. I had been hitting my home gym three to four times a week, while also going to my obstacle gym three days a week (it happens to also be my martial arts dojo). Once Tough Mudder was over, so was most of my desire to train.

The feeling of never having time to relax and have time to myself was…

Finishing my first Classic Tough Mudder.

I finally ran my first obstacle course race of the season yesterday. Somehow, I managed to fast talk two of my friends into coming along for the ride. Still not sure how I managed that one, but neither backed out, so we had our adventure.

They kept numbers of runners low this year, for obvious reasons. It made for a different experience from my last run. …

Getting comfortable with not being comfortable.

Race season’s upon us. They posted our course map for my Tough Mudder and I’m not ready. For all of my training, I know I’m not ready.

It’s an uncomfortable feeling.

One I know well.

One I’ve become intimately familiar with over the last couple of years.

The wish for one more session at the gym, regretting every session you phoned in because you didn’t feel like it, wondering what you would do different if you could go back in time.

And while I hate it, I also know I’m going to leave the…

Trying to figure out what advice to take.

Telling people you are on a health journey is a double edged sword. On one hand, you now have accountability. On the other, you get a ton of unsolicited advice.

Lots of unsolicited advice.

Advice that contradicts other advice.

And it’s confusing to figure out who to listen to.

One of the best bits of advice I got early on in this journey is to become my own scientist. Because what works great for one person, might not work for me.

Keto? No thanks, I love carbs. Carnivore? See my previous answer.

How one small change became many

When I decided to get healthy, I knew I needed to make some fairly fundamental changes in my life.

Like so many people, I thought they all needed to happen at once. Because there really was no point in exercising if my diet was crap, right?

When I couldn’t stick to it all, I would get discouraged and quit. Sound familiar?

Change only started to really happen when I decided to cut back on my soda intake.

I was a huge Mt Dew drinker from a young age. I could down a can right…

Realizing how far I’ve come.

When I started this journey, I wanted the easy way out. The fast way. I didn’t care about getting healthy, all I cared about was not being the fat friend any more. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable, so I did the bare minimum.

Cut back on soda, not cutting it out entirely, but enough that I “was trying.”

Eating salads for lunch, even though there was enough salad dressing on them that the calories were the same or more than what I had been eating.

Going to the gym, but never lifting heavy or…

Trying to strike the perfect balance.

I seem to have two speeds on my health journey: all in and backtracking.

January was great. Everything on track workout and nutrition-wise. Dropped the weight I wanted to and then some. Super amazing.

February was… not. I let myself slack on nutrition. After all, a girl does need some processed carbs for her birthday, right? And then my daily workouts fell off. And then I took a day or two off of my scheduled workouts.

I put back on a little bit of the weight I dropped the month before.

I started beating…

Dawn Dalton

Dawn is a freelance writer, gamer girl, aspiring author, and former manager of a game/ comic store. She can be found lurking on Twitter @theDawnDalton.

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